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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Simple Ways to Approve Google Adsense Account Quickly

In the previous post, I told that what is News Dog apps and how to earn money from News Dog apps. But now in this post, I will tell you the simple ways to approve Google Adsense account quickly.

As we know that Google Adsense policy is very restrict. That's why, Google Adsense Account doesn't get approve to many bloggers. If your Google Adsense account is not getting approved then you must read this article and again apply Google Adsense.

simple ways to approve google adsense account quickly

Simple ways to approve Google Adsense Account Quickly

In this article, I will tell you some tips and tricks to approve Google Adsense account quickly. 

1. Don't Use Copyright Content

Google Adsense account Policy says that don't use copyright content. Copyright content means the content which is already available on another blog or website. If you are using copyright content on your blog then delete all copyright post and then apply for Google Adsense.

2. Template Design

You will be read post on a lot of blog that template design is much important for applying Google Adsense. there is no such thing, if you want to apply Google Adsense for your blog then I will advice you that you should use simple blogger theme of blogger.

After approving Google Adsense, you can change best theme. 

3. Daily Post

You will have to post at least one article daily till Adsense account is approved.

4. Another Ads

If you are using another  company ads on your blog then remove this ads till Adsense account is approved. After approving Adsense account, you can use more than one company ads on blog like media dot net, infolinks, affiliate program etc.

5. Don't Remove Powered by blogger

If your blog is on blogger then don't remove powered by blogger because blogger provides free hosting services and blogger wants to show credit on your blog. That's why, you should not remove powered by blogger.

After approving Google Adsense account, you can remove powered by blogger.

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Final Words

I hope that your google Adsense account will be approved and also I hope you liked this post so much. If you loved this post, Then, share with your friends and also give some suggestion that what should i improve in this post. Thank You So Much...... 

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