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Sunday, 10 September 2017

How to make money from News Dog Apps?

Today, I will tell you that what is news dog and how to earn money from news dog apps? In the previous post, I told that How to transfer money to bank account from Paytm wallet?

If you want to earn 50 rupees from News Dog apps then click on this link and download News Dog apps. After Downloading sign in through Facebook account.

how to earn money from news dog apps

What is News Dog?

News Dog is an Indian news apps which provides different types of news. News dog apps is launched in March, 2016 and 2 crores users are use it to read news and updated to world. News dog apps has third rank in Google Play Store.

The main advantages of this apps is that it gives money to read news and also gives money to refer this apps. You can earn money from this apps by reading news and sharing with friends.

When you read news on News Dog apps then it gives you 15 coins. Coin is virtual money which convert to rupees in News Dog apps. Here, 1 rupees is equal to 250 coins.

How to Earn Money From News Dog Apps?

You can earn money from news dog by various ways.

1. You can earn money by reading news. Every day, you can earn a coin from 10 articles.

2. You can also earn coins by sharing with friends on whats-app. When you Whats-App friend open link then you will get 50 coins.

3.You will get 5 rupees when any friend open account in News Dog apps through your invitation link and your friend will get 50 rupees.

4. You can also earn coins by check in option. Everyday click on check in and earn more coins.

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How to Receive money from News Dog apps?

You can receive money from news dog by Paytm. If you want to withdraw balance from News Dog Apps, then your account should have at least 150 rupees.

Note : - If you want to earn more coins then personally send message on whatsapp 7050500376. I can't write this step on blog because of illegal issue.

Final Words

In this article, I told you that what is News Dog apps and How to earn money from news dog apps. I hope you liked this post so much. If you loved this post, Then, share with your friends and also give some suggestion that what should i improve in this post. Thank You So Much...... 

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