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Sunday, 13 August 2017

What Is SEO (search engine optimization)? Why we need SEO?

Today, I am going to describe about SEO. It is the very important topic for blogger and website owner. So, in this post, I will tell you what is SEO? Why we need SEO? And how many types of SEO? If you are a blogger and website owner then you must read this post for bring your website to Google or Other Search Engine.

what is search engine optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from search engine. In other word, we can say that SEO is the process of modifying the website or blog according to search engine. If you want to bring your website or blog in search engine then you must follow SEO in your blog or website.

Many peoples want to rank own website in Google’s or Other Search Engine’s first page. If you won’t follow SEO for your blog or website then your website never rank in Search engine.

Why we need SEO?

As I mentioned above what is SEO? Now, we will know that why we need SEO? We need SEO for get good rank in Search engines. If you want to make a successful blogger then your blog must come to the Google’s or other search engine’s First pages because readers search anything and do not go second page. Readers only read first page posts.

How Many Types of SEO?

Generally, SEO is of two types. First one is ON Page SEO and second one is OFF page SEO. I will tell you about both one by one in details.

 ON Page SEO

ON page SEO is the process of making or modifying our website according to Google’s or other Search engines. It is the most important topic to rank our website or blog in Google or other search engines.

Now, we will see steps for doing ON page SEO:

Website Speed

It is the most important factor of ON page SEO. If your website speed is between 1 to 5 seconds then your website speed is good. And if your website speed is between 5 to 10 seconds then your website speed is average, you need to improve your website speed. And if your website speed is above 10 seconds then your website speed is very poor, you have needed to improve your website speed immediately.

Now, many questions arise. Why my website speed is slow? Why we need to improve our website speed? Your first question is why my website speed is slow? Your website speed is slow due to uses of heavy images, more java script code and many widgets. I will recommend you that you should use minimum widget if possible.

Now, my second question is why we need to improve our website speed? If  you want to rank your blog in Google or other search engines then you must improve your website speed because Google or other search engines shows only those websites or blogs which loading speed is very fast because readers want to read those website which loading speed is fast.

Title Tag

Title tag shows what content in your website. It shows above the browser like in tab. It is very helpful to identify your Post content or blog to Search engines. Google search engine only shows 65 to 70 characters in homepage. You must use keyword in Title tag but one thing always keep in mind that your keyword is not repeated in title tag because it is spam.

For example, you are writing about tourism then your good title tag is America Tour | Tourism place in America etc. and if you write America tour | America Tours | Best American Tours then it is bad title because you uses same keyword at different times.

Meta Tag

Meta tag is very helpful to rank your blog or website in Google or other search engines. Google or Other Search Engines identify websites or blogs according to Meta tag. If you don’t know what is Meta tag then read post what is Meta tag.

In this post, I am giving little information about Meta tag. Your website information that means which content based is your website is residing in Meta tag like your keyword, description, author name, country name and language. Google shows only 160 character Meta tag description in pages. That’ why you must write description in 160 character only.

For example, you blog is based on technical knowledge then your Meta description should like “My blog is a tech related blog where make money, computer knowledge and etc. information are shared.”


Keyword Density

Keyword density is the most important factor for blog or website. Keyword density means how many times keywords are occurred in our post. It is finding according to post length. Keyword density is only 5% is in your blog post. If keyword density is more than 5% in your blog post then it is harmful for your post.

Hidden Content

Hidden content is content which is hiding by admin or website owner. Google hates these types of blog or website. Many people hide many content to get Good rank but Google does not support that websites.

Image Alt Tag

It is the most important factor of ON page SEO. Image alt tag is a tag which shows the image name. As we know that Google can’t identify image directly. Google identify images with image alt tag. It defines about images. I will recommend you to write alt tag of every image.

For example, you are uploading images of Mukesh Ambani then you will be wrote Mukesh Ambani in image alt tag.

URL Link Structure

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the link which helps to redirects in pages. You must use keyword in URL.

For Example, you are writing a post about “How to take backup of blogger template” then your URL should be http://www.findersadda.com/2017/07/how-to-backup-your-blogger-template.html it is good URL. You should not use question mark symbol or spaces in URL. Two words are separated using dash symbol in URL.


Internal Links

Internal link is a link which is resides between posts. If you use internal links in between post then always keep in mind that internal link shouldn’t use more than 5 in post. Because readers confuse to see many internal links and arise problem to read post.

Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip compression is the process in which your CSS, HTML or Java Script code is minified by Admin. So that website loading speed could be better or very fast. If you want to minify CSS code then you use www.cssminifier.com website.

 Bold Important Keyword

You must get bold important keyword because many SEO experts say that Google identify or focus main keyword or bold keyword. You can bold your important keyword using CTRL + b button.


Website Structure

You must make your blog or website user friendly that means your post content should be written clearly. You should use minimum 16 PX font size in blog or website because readers like that blog which is clearly written or which font size is good. Nowadays, users use smartphone and various blog posts read by user using smartphone and if you use small font then it cannot be read clearly by readers.

Responsive Website

Responsive website means your blog or website opened in mobile or desktop according to these heights and widths. If you want to check that your website or blog is responsive or not then you can check it by resizing browser. You can see below image which is responsive or not.

Post Length

Post length is the length of your post content. You must write at least 1000 words post because nowadays, many competitors have been. A thing always keep in mind that only informative content should be written related to that post.


I have already written about sitemap but I tell something in this post about sitemap. If you want to read more about sitemap then read post How to create sitemap for blog. Sitemap is an xml file which contains 500 pages of your blog in one place. Sitemap is very helpful to fetch or crawl your blog post to Google.

The above information was about ON page SEO. Now, I will describe OFF page SEO.


OFF page SEO is a type of SEO which focus on backlinks. When we get traffic from another website or blog then it is called backlinks. Google AdSense privacy policy says that you should not buy backlink. Now, I will tell you that what information is in OFF page SEO.

Submit Your Site

If you want to get more traffic from search engine then you must submit your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN etc. search engine. I have written a post about How to submitsite to Search Engine”.

 Use Keyword in Post

You must use keyword in post. You should start to write post using keyword if possible. You must write keyword in search description.

Share Post on Facebook

If you want to get backlink or more traffic then you must share your post on Facebook. As we know that Facebook is a social media which helps to connect many peoples and promote business by creating business pages and sharing post. I have written a post about “How to Create Page on Facebook”.


Share Post on Google Plus

Google plus is the service of Google which helps to get backlink or more traffic by sharing post of our blog. You can also create a Google plus page by using Gmail address.

Share Post on Twitter or Pinterest

You can also get more traffic by sharing post on Twitter or Pinterest. Nowadays, twitter is a big social media for celebrities where celebrities tweets our thought and other information. You can also share your blog post image on Pinterest.

 Participate in Question & Answers

Many websites provides facility to discuss questions and answers. You can also get good quality backlink by participating question & answers websites. There are many websites which provides facility to discuss questions and answers like Quora.com, Yahoo and much more.


You can also get good quality backlinks to comment on top blog or websites. If you comment on Wikipedia then you can get good quality backlinks.

Guest Post

You can also get Good quality backlinks by guest post. Guest post is a post which is posted to another website. There are many bloggers which provides facilities to do Guest Post like shoutmeloud.com, techreviewpro.com

Now, you will be known about SEO that means what is SEO? Why we need SEO? And how many types of SEO?

I hope you liked this post so much. If you loved this post, so, share with your friends and also give some suggestion that what should i improve in this post. Thank You So Much......

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