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Sunday, 13 August 2017

What is Monitor? Discuss Various Types of Monitor?

Monitor is the display unit of the screen of the computers. It is the main output devices that displays the processed data or information as text, image, audio, video or graphical form. It looks like as a T.V (Television).

what is monitor and types of monitor

There are following types of Monitor?

  1. CRT Monitor
  2. LCD Monitor
  3. LED Monitor
  4. Plasma Monitor

CRT Monitor :

CRT monitor stands for Cathode Ray Tube. It is based on the cathode ray tube. Cathode ray tube processes beam of electrons that strikes on the inned phosphorescent surface of screen to produce images on the screen.


LCD Monitor stands for Liquid crystal display. It is a flat panel screen that is compact and light weight as compared to CRT monitors. It is based on liquid crystal display technology. It has two layers of polarized glass with liquid crystal solution between them. When the light passes through first layer an electric current aligns the liquid crystals. The aligned liquid crystals allow varying level of light to pass through the second layer to create images on the screen.


LED monitor stands for light emitting diodes. LED monitor also looks likes as the LCD monitor. The difference between them lies in the source of light to backlight the display. The LED monitors use light emitting diodes to backlight the display and LCD monitors use cold cathode fluorescent light to backlight the display.


It is also a flat panel display that is based on plasma display technology. It has small tiny cells between two glass panels. These cells contains mixtures of gases. When voltage is applied the gas in the cells turns into plasma and emits ultraviolet light that creates images on the screen.

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