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Saturday, 12 August 2017

What is Meta Tag? How to Add Meta Tag in Blog?

Today, I am going to share “what is Meta tag” and “how to add Meta tag in blog”.

Meta tag is an HTML tag which is used to provide information of a website to search engine. Meta tag is very helpful to identify what information is in your blog or website to search engine. Meta tag contains website URL, title, Description, Author name, Location, Country name and much more information.

what is meta tag? how to add meta tag in blogger blog

Meta tag should be placed in the portion of each web page you want to index in the search engines. There are following information containing in Meta tag.

Title: - Title tag contains the title of your blog or website. It is placed in between <head> and </head> tag. Many blogger or word press theme have already added title tag.

Description: - In this part, you will be written about your blog that means which information contains in your blog. One thing always keep in mind that description should be always 160 Characters. Google search engine only shows 160 Characters in homepage.

Keyword: - Keyword is a word which is searched by people. Here, you will be written keyword that means at which topic, your blog has been created.

Author Name: - in author name part, you will be written author name that means admin name of blog or website.

Language: - in language part, you will be written your blog language that means in which language, you write any post in your blog.

Country: - in country part, you should write your country name that means I am from India then I will write <Meta name=’country’ content=’India’/>

How to Add Meta Tag in Blogger Blog?

You will be known about Meta tag that means what is Meta tag from the above information. Now, I am going to tell that how to add Meta tag in blogger blog?

Step 1. First of all, copy the below code and paste it into Notepad and other Text editor and then remove the red color code and write the information of your blog.

<meta content='YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE' name='Description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORD' name='keyword'/>
<meta content='AUTHOR NAME' name='author name'/>
<meta content='ENGLISH' name='Language'/>
<meta content='INDIA' name='Country'/>

Step 2. Now, again copy the code from text editor and go to blogger plate form and login through Gmail and password.

Step 3. Now, click on the “Theme” tab and then click on the “Edit HTML”.

Step 4. Now, click the mouse pointer anywhere between code and press “CTRL + F” and search <head> tag.

paste the code below head tag'

Step 5. Now, paste the code below <head> tag.

Step 6. Then click on the Save arrangement.

Now, your Meta tag has been successfully added to your blog. You can see it to open your blog URL and then right click on the browser page and then click on the View Page Source. The shortcut methods are press “Ctrl + U” and see your code.

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  1. bhai dikh h nhi raha hai aapne jo mic mei dikhaya hai ki meta tag kha paste karna hai

    1. First of all, Thank you for being here. Yes picture jyada compress hone ke karan show nahi ho rha hai. aap head tag ke just niche me meta tag ke code ko paste kare.


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