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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

What Is Media.net? How To Earn Money From Media.net?

Today, I will tell about media.net and how to earn money from media.net. I have written a post about earning money from the blog like Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, Chitika and Infolinks. Many people's starts own blog and want to earn money but due to a heavy restriction of Google AdSense, they don't earn money from blog and lost their hopes to earn money from the blog. So, in this article, we wrote another way to earn money from the blog.

what is media.net

Media.net is an invitation based network that means you can connect with media.net using reference invitation of another person which is already connected to media.net. Various bloggers write on an own blog that you cannot connect with media.net without any reference invitation but it is wrong because you can connect with media.net with reference invitation or directly.  It doesn't support all languages but it supports only English languages. It also checks content or your blog that you have written good quality content or not. If you have written good quality content then media.net team approve your account otherwise disapprove.

Media.net is second contextual advertising plate-form around all over the world. It is the service of Yahoo and Bing which is the best popular ads network for blogger and publisher. It provides the same facility as Google AdSense. Bloggers and website owners earn money a lot of money through media.net. Media.net pays money to publisher or website owners when $100 dollar reaches in your media.net account.

If you don't know what are contextual ads then don't worry! Contextual ads are an ad which is based on post text that means it's show ads on your blog related to your blog post. Suppose that you have written about how to earn money from the blog then media.net show ads on your website or blog related to earn money from the blog.

Features of Media.net---

There are many features of media.net ad network.

Contextual Ads

As I have mentioned above that media.net is a contextual ad network which shows ads on blog or website related to post or content of blogger or publisher blog.

High Revenue

Media.net provides good quality ads on your blog and you can earn more money to good quality ads.

article ads

Mobile Ads

It is another feature of media.net which shows ads according to your browser or mobile view. It improves chances to earn more money through media.net.

One Account for Unlimited Websites

It is like Google AdSense because it allows publisher or blogger to create only one account. If you have multiple websites or blogs then you can add into one media.net account. You will not need to create another account to show ads on multiple websites or blogs.

Account Support

Media.net provides the facility of account support that means when your media.net account will be approved and then you have raised any problem then you can contact to media.net team and you can find a solution to your problem.

How to Create Media.net Account?

It is very easy to create an account on media.net. Here, I will tell you to create an account directly through media.net.

(1) First of all, you will need to go the media.net website and then fill your website URL and email address.

(2) After filling your Website URL and email Address, click on the "CONTINUE WITH SIGNUP" button

enter your website and email address

(3) Then, a new box will be opened below email address box. In this box, fill your Full name and then fill the sum of numbers which displaying in front of you.

enter your full name

(4) And then click on the "SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL"

Your media.net account has been successfully created. Now, media.net team will review your blog and if your blog is able to approve then media.net team approve your account and then you can add ads on your blog.

I hope you liked this post so much. If you loved this post, so, share with your friends and also give some suggestion that what should i improve in this post. Thank You So Much......

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