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Monday, 20 November 2017

What Is Java and Features Of Java in Details?

Java is an object oriented programming language, plate form independent language, robust language, internet language, etc.

Java was developed by Sun Micro system headed by James Gosling with Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, Chris Warth, Ed Frank in 1991.

The initial name of Java was 'Oak' and renamed as Java in 1995.

Java is designed for the development of Software for consumer electronic devices like TVs, VCR's, Cellular phones and other electronic machine.

The goal of java was to make a language simple, portable and highly reliable.

what is java and its features in details

Features Of Java

There are following features of Java.

(1). Simple 

Java is a simple language because it inherits the syntax's of C, C++ and many features of Object Oriented Programming Language.

Thus one who has understand the concept of object oriented programming language can learn java with least afford.

More ever, java omits the complex and unreliable code of C and C++ like operator overloading, header file, goto, virtual, friend etc.

Java provides small and convenient way to accomplish a given task.

(2) Interpreted

Unlike other programming languages, java uses both compiler and interpreter for the execution of a program.

Firstly, the compiler convert the program code to byte code and agian byte code is converted into machine code with the help of interpreter.

(3) Plate form Independent / Architecture Neutral

Java is a plate form independent language that means java program can run on any plate form i,e they can run on different CPU and on different operating system architecture.

The byte code produced by java compiler can be run on any machine which has Java run time environment.

(4) Object Oriented Languages

Java is an object oriented language that means java programs use objects and classes. It means everything in java is an Object. The java object modern is easily extensible and classes can be used anywhere in the program in the form of package.

we can't say that java is purely object oriented programming language but java is 99% object oriented programming language.

(5) Robust

Java is a robust language because of two reasons. Firstly java has excellent inbuilt exception handling feature and other is efficient memory management. Java automatically deallocates free memory by Garbage Collection.


Java supports multi-threaded programming which allows to write a program that can perform more than one task simultaneously. Users need not wait for finishing one task before starting next task.

(7) Distributed

Since, java is a plate form independent language. It is suitable for developing application on network. It has ability to share both data and programs. Java application can open and access remote object on internet.

This enables multiple programmers at multiple remote locations to collaborate and work together on a single project.

(8) Dynamic and Extensible

Java is a dynamic in nature i,e java program can link to new class libraries, objects, methods etc. at the run-time.  Java language provides facility to include the function of other languages like C and C++.

(9) High Performance

As we know that java program is converted to byte code which is then converted to machine code. Byte code is highly optimized. It enables the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to execute the program at much faster rate.

Examples Of Java Program

class First{ public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Welcome to Findersadda"); }}

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