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Monday, 20 November 2017

What is identifier in JAVA? What is identifier rules?

A name in java program is called identifier which can be user for identification purpose. It can be method name, variable name, class name or label name.

identifiers in java

In the above program, there are five identifiers such as Check, main, String, args and int.

There are following rules to define identifier.

(1) The identifier can be alphabet (lower and upper case), digits (0-9), dollar symbol and underscore symbol that means the only allowed character in java, identifiers are alphabet, dollar, digits, underscore.
E.g.: - Total_number, Total9

NOTE : - By mistake if you use any other immediately compiler gives compile time error.
Identifiers can’t start with the digits.

E.g.: - Total34 is valid but 34Total is not valid

(2) Java identifiers are case sensitive. Of course java language itself is treated as case sensitive programming language.

Int Number=10;
Int NUMBER = 10;
Int number = 10;

The above three variables are different not as same.

(3) There is no length limit for java identifiers but it is not recommended to take too lengthy identifiers.

(4) We can’t use reserve words as identifiers.

Int x=10; //it is valid
Int if = 10; // it is not valid

(5) All predefined java class names is an names. We can use as identifier interface.

class First
public static void main(String[] args)
{ int String = 3453;
int Runnable = 767;


output of above program

Even though it is valid but is not a good programming practice because it reduces readability and creates confusion.

There are given following identifier which is valid or not valid.

Valid identifier
Invalid identifier
Total #

Here, you are looking the below two identifiers Int and int. Int is valid because it is not reserve word but int is not valid because it is reserve word that means keyword.

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