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Saturday, 19 August 2017

How To Write Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly Content?

Today, I will discuss about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content that means how to write best SEO frinedly content or blog post

how to write seo friendly post content

Why We Should Write SEO Friendly Content?

Most of the users ask question that why we should write SEO Friendly content? So, in this article, I will tell that why we should write SEO Friendly Content?

As we know that Google or other search engine shows post in SERP which post content follow SEO rule. I have already written a post about SEO. You must read SEO post before reading this post.

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If you are a blogger then your dream will be made a successful blogger and earn money from blog then you must read quality content in blog and also follow SEO tips when you will write content.

How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

In this post, i am going to share many points that helps in writing a SEO friendly blog post and rank this post in search engine by following SEO tips.

1. Keyword

First of all, you have to research keyword before writing a post. There are many tools which provides keyword research like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush etc. 

Google Keyword planner is a service of google which provides free tool to research keyword. That's why, it is the best for users.

You must research keyword before writing a post and use keyword in post title and at least 5 times keywords in your blog post. You should also use keyword in Search description or permalink.

2. Post Title

Choose a best post title and you can use number and some words like Top, Best, Full Guide etc. in blog post title. You shouldn't use more than 65 character in blog post titlle because Google shows only 65 character in SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

3. Post Content

Use keyword when you start to write content if possible and also keep in mind that must use keyword in end of post content. You have to write at least 1000 words in post and also keep in mind that always write informative content.

SEO experts says that content length is not need when you are a writing a post but I saw that which blog post content length is more then it is shown in first page of Google.

That's why I recommend you to write at least 1000 words in your blog post.

4. Use Heading

It is the most important factor when you are writing a post.  You must use 2-3 heading in your post. First of all, <h1> should be in blog post then <h2> and then <h3>... 

5. Use Image

Do you know that image is very helpful to express anything in blog post. So, you must use images in blog Post. One image is equal to 100 words that means if you write 100 words to express any point and if you use image to express anything then image is equal to 100 words.

If you use images in blog post then some points always keep in mind when you write a blog post.

Image Size : - You have to use images which size is less than 15 kb. Image size is most important factor that means when users open your blog then images should load fastly in user devices. That's why you should use less size image.

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Alt Tag : - Alt tag represents image name that means when images is not load on users devices due to slow net connection then alt tag is helpful to represent that what was in image.

Image Name :-  Use dash (-) between two Words when you give image name in disk or drive because Google can't identify image but Google identify image by image name.

6. Permalink

You must use Keywords in permalinks and also keep in mind that use dash symbol between two words in permalinks.

For example if you write a post that how to earn money then 

How to earn money.html is the wrong permalink

How-to-earn-money.html is the good permalink

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Final Words

In this post, i told 6 points which always keep in mind when you write a blog post for SEOI hope you liked this post so much. If you loved this post, so, share with your friends and also give some suggestion that what should i improve in this post. Thank You So Much...... 

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