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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How To Delete Temporary Internet Files From Computer?

Temporarry files is an empty file which is created when we connect the computer to internet or executing some program then its temporary file is being stored on temporal storage area. Now, question arises why we should delete temporary files? As we know that temporary file is an empty file which doesn’t contain anything but it contains some file which is not usable. And it degrades the performance of system that means it decreases the computer speed.

How to delete temporary internet file from computer

When you feel that your computer works very slow then you should delete temporary files. After deleting temporary internet files some memory space is being released and your computer speed is being increased but you won’t feel anything after deletion temporary files.

How to Delete Temporarry Internet Files From Computer?

There are three option to delete temporary internet file from computer.

(1) Fist of all, starts your computer and press windows + R button or open Run box

(2) After open it, type %temp% or temp or prefetch and then press enter button or ok button

(3) Now, select all files and folders and delete it. You can permanently delete it from keyboard shortcut “Shift + Delete” without sending to recycle bin

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