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Monday, 20 November 2017

What Is Difference Between C++ and Java?

There are following differences between C++ and Java which is shown in tabular format.

Differences between cpp and java

C++ is a procedural or object oriented programming language. Since, it is possible to write C++ program without using a class.
Java is purely object oriented programming language because a java program cannot be written without a class. It means a java program contains at least one class.
C++ allows the concept of global variable, virtual keyword, operator overloading, friend keyword.
Java does not allow these concepts.
Allocation and deallocation of memory is responsibility of programmer in C++.
Memory management is done by Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in Java.
In C++, there is a concept of header file, #define.
Java does not allow the concept of header file. It allows package.
There are three access specifier in C++ like public, private and protected.
Java allows four access specifier like public, private, protected and default.
C++ is single threaded.
Java is multi-threaded.
C++ supports direct pointer.
Java does not support direct pointer.
C++ implements multiple inheritances with classes.
Java does not implement multiple inheritances with classes.
C++ does not implement interface.
Java implements concept of interface.
C++ is plate form dependent.
Java is plate form independent.
C++ implements explicit destructor.
Java does not have destructor.


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