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Saturday, 22 July 2017

How To Delete Gadget From Blog?

Hiiii Friends ! Welcome back to Finders Adda. In this post, we will discuss that "How To delete gadget from blog". In the previous post, we saw that "how to add gadget on blogger". 

Now, we will discuss how to delete gadget from blogger. Sometimes, we wants to delete or remove existing gadget which make my blog dummy. In fact, when we change our blogger theme then many widget added to our blogger theme and I want to remove it for good or beautiful looking.

How To Delete Gadget From Blog?

STEP 1 : First of all, go to blogger and login through gmail account.

STEP 2 : After login, click on the Layout tab in blogger dashboard.

STEP 3 : Next step, click on the "Edit" option which gadget you want to delete.

click on the edit option

STEP 4 : Next click on the remove and lastly click on the "save arrangement".

Now,your extra gadget has been removed and if you liked this post then like and share this with your friend.
 I hope you have liked this post so much that if you have any questions related to it, then write it through comment box and we will tell you through the comment box, we will try to resolve your problem very soon.

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