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Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to add beautiful contact form?

Hiiii Friends ! Welcome back to Finders Adda. In this post, we will discuss that “How to add beautiful or best contact form in blogger?” please keep reading this post and if you liked this post then share with your friends. As we know that blogger is a big plate form which provides facility to create a blog or website. So, we want to add beautiful contact form for looking good and interactive our website.

how to add beautiful contact form on blogger

What is used of contact form?

As we know that contact means send and receive information between sender and receiver using different ways. Here, contact form is a form which is used for contacting any readers to bloggers that means which person handles this website. If readers have any issue or problem then he wants to ask personally through contact form.

If you haven’t designed you contact form yet then I will say that design your contact from quickly by this easy method. You don’t need to know any programming to generate this contact form.

How to create Beautiful contact form?

As we know that blogger provides contact form widget but blogger contact form widget only add on your home page. By this method, you can create a beautiful contact form on other page and you linked your contact form to homepage menu bar.

STEP 1: First of all open blogger account through your Gmail and password in one tab and open foxy form website on another tab.

STEP 2: Design your contact form as per your requirement. In this page, which option you want to add on your contact form then select checkbox.

tick the option which you want to add

STEP 3: Fill your Gmail address in address box.

enter email address and tick the robot and click on the create formular

STEP 4: Now, tick the “I am not robot” option.

STEP 5: Then, click on the “Create Formular” option

STEP 6: Now, you will be opened a code box in front of you. Copy the code and go to blogger tab.

copy the code

STEP 7: Click on the “Pages” tab in blogger dashboard and then click on the “New Page”

click on the pages then new pages

STEP 8: After it, give heading as contact form and switch to “HTML” view

STEP 9: Delete all codes which are already present in HTML view and paste the new code which you were copied.

STEP 10: After it, click on the “Publish”

NOTE: - This is only for custom domain like not for subdomain like

 I hope you have liked this post so much that if you have any questions related to it, then write it through comment box and we will tell you through the comment box, we will try to resolve your problem very soon.

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