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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How to add custom domains on blogger?

Hii Friends Welcome to Today, I will discuss how to add custom domains on blogger. Do you know that blogger is a platform which provides facility to create websites or blogs which is freely available? But blogger provides subdomain which is free like This subdomain is very difficult to remember your visitors and it is a long name so we want to add our custom domain just like In this post, I have written what is the advantages of custom domains and it is free or not and how to add custom domains on blogger?

How to add custom Domains in blogger

What are the Advantages of custom domain?

There are following advantages of custom domains. 

1. Easy to remember 

Custom domain is short form of subdomain which is easy to remember anyone.

2. Easy to submit on sitemap

Do you know that when we submit the subdomain on xml sitemap then xml sitemap represents some error because it has not provided to make subdomain sitemap? So, custom domains is very useful to submit sitemap on xml sitemap. If you don’t know what is sitemap then don’t worry. I will write a post early on sitemap.

3. Easy for contact form

Do you know that blogger contact form is looking bad and I want to add attractive contact form on our blogger to attract our visitors? Here foxyform provides to make contact form which is only for custom domains not for subdomain. So custom domain is very useful for add contact form in our websites.

4. Professional look 

Do you know what professional look is? If no then read this line.  Professional is a very smart word which provides a good looking of everything. Just like if you want to make professional in your life then you we wear formal dresses.

How To Add Custom Domain?

These are following steps to add custom domain in blogger.

STEP 1 : First of all, open blogger and sign in to your account

STEP 2 : Then, Click on setting and then Basic 

STEP 3 : Then, Click on the “+setup third party url” 

click on setting-basic-setup third party url

STEP 4 : Then, write your domain name with www

STEP 5 : Then, click on save button. When you clicked on save button then following error will be shown “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. “ and below two cname list is shown.

enter your url with www

STEP 6 : Go to your Godaddy Account click here for godaddy and sign to your godaddy account and click on your profile name and then click on manage my domain. As shown in the below image.

click on profile and then manage my domain

STEP 7 : Now click on Manage DNS

manage dns

STEP 8 : A new page will open up to you now and click on the Add option As shown in the below image.

STEP 9 : Select type CNAME and Copy the first part of the first cname to be displayed on your blogger and paste it into the box containing the host and Copy the second part of the first cname to be displayed on your blogger and paste into the box containing the points to area and then click on the save button. The First CNAME is same for all bloggers. Only the second CNAME has been change for different bloggers.

STEP 10 : Repeat the step 9 for pasting your second cname which is shown in the blogger.

first and second cname list

second cname enter

STEP 11 : Then Go to blogger page and click on the Google webmaster tool here as shown in below image

google webmaster tool verify

STEP 12 : Then Verify your Domain click on the verify button

click on verify

STEP 13 : Then go to blogger page and click on the Save button

Your settings have now been completed, your blog may take up to 24 hours of redirection. In this post you know how to add custom domains to your blog.I hope you have liked this post so much that if you have any questions related to it, then write it down and we will tell you through the comment box, we will try to resolve your problem very soon.

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